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Having sowed seeds of the Korean heavy industry

1962~1979 By that time I thought that the future of Korean economy lies in heavy chemical industry. I made a promise to myself. My future is in heavy chemical industry.  <Honorary Chairman Chung In-Yung>
  • October 1962
    Founded Hyundai International Inc. and Mando Machinery

    (92 Mugyo-dong Jung-gu Seoul)

  • December 1964
    Hyundai International Inc.

    Completed machine installations,
    and automobile parts production in Anyang Plant

  • January 1969
    Hyundai International Inc.

    plant operations

  • November 1976
    Hyundai International Inc.

    Started construction of Changwon Comprehensive Machinery Plant.

  • December 1976
    Hyundai International Inc.

    Completed construction of Gunpo Comprehensive Machinery Plant

  • January 1977
    Founded Incheon Co., Ltd.

    (Company name changed to HL Heavy Industries in June 1990)

  • July 1977
    Hyundai International Inc.

    Awarded turnkey base contract of Jizan Cement Plant in Saudi Arabia

  • October 1977
    Founded HL Engineering & Construction

    (Launched as a subsidiary exclusive for construction of Hyundai Yanghaeng Plant)

  • January 1978
    Founded HL Cement Corp.
  • December 1979
    Hyundai International Inc.

    Founded Namyang Timber in Papua New Guinea (NamYang Timber(PNG)pty.,Ltd)

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Raised HL Group up with challenge spirit

1980~1996 Hyundai Yanghaeng was taken over by military government in 1980’s, but we were never frustrated. We pushed ahead with a plan to build a better one if they took it all. <Honorary Chairman Chung In-Yung>
  • February 1980
    Hyundai International Inc.

    Changed company name from Hyundai International Inc., Anyang to Mando Machinery
    (Changed to Mando Machinery after taken over to Atlas Paper)

  • May 1980
    Founded HL Resources

    (Changed company name to HL Engineering & Construction in July 1990 and to HL Corporation in October 2013)

  • January 1984
    HL Group

    Chung In-Yung assumed office as President of HL Group

  • March 1986
    Founded HL Climate Control Corp.
  • September 1988
    Founded Hall HL Venture & Investment
  • April 1989
    HL Group

    Started construction of Daechi-dong office

  • July 1989
    Founded HL Remicon

    (Changed company name to HL Concrete in January 1995 and to HL ENCOM in December 2009)

  • April 1990
    Founded HL Maritime Delivery

    (Changed company name to HL Merchant Marine in 1992)

  • October 1990
    Founded Baedal School
  • November 1991
    Founded Meister

    (Changed company name to HL Meister in June 2013)

  • July 1993
    Mando Machinery

    Central R&D Center, Deokso

  • August 1994
    Founded Halla Paper

    (Changed company name to Halla Pulp & Paper in October 1995)

  • December 1994
    Mando Machinery

    Founded Winia Mando Ice Hockey team

  • August 1995
    Founded Halla Electronics
  • January 1996
    Founded Marco Polo Hotel
  • February 1996
    Halla Heavy Industries

    Held launching ceremony of Samho Shipyard

  • May 1996
    Founded Halla Development
  • November 1996
    Halla Group

    Moved office to Sigma Tower, Jamsil

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Bounces back from IMF crisis and steps ahead to the future

1997~2005 “We shall be full steam ahead for normalization of Halla Group. Let’s have a strong faith in ourselves and create a history of remarkable resurgence as in 1980s. ”< Chairman Chung Mong-Won >
  • January 1997
    Halla Group

    Vice-chairman Chung Mong-Won assumed office as the 2nd chairman of Halla Group, Chairman Chung In-Yung inducted into honorary chairman

  • May 1997
    Halla Group

    Started construction of heavy equipment plant of Halla-EURO enterprise, Wales

  • November 1997
    Founded Mokpo Newport Terminal
  • February 1998
    Halla Group

    Announced restructuring plans

  • April 1999
    Mando Machinery

    Achieved the nation’s first development and began production of MGHABS

  • April 1999
    Halla Engineering & Construction
    Founded Kyungeun University, Shanghai
  • November 2002
    Mando Corporation

    Held opening ceremony of Kiheung Central R&D Institute

  • March 2004

    Founded Daejeon Logistics Center

  • June 2005
    Founded Halla I&C
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Reclaimed Mando, The 2nd start-up of Hall Group

2006~2012 “Dream gives us hope. Passion is essential to make dream come true. Be active when you work and show respect when you serve others. This is passion. Passion for dream is the true virtue we must develop for better future. ” < Chairman Chung Mong-Won >
  • July 2006
    Halla Group

    Honorary Chairman Chung In-Yung called by God

  • January 2008
    Halla Group

    Signed contract on the acquisition of Mando shares

  • March 2008
    Founded Halla Stackpole
  • November 2008
    Founded Mando- Hella Electronics
  • October 2009
    Halla Stackpole

    Started production of GF6

  • February 2010
    Mando Corporation

    Developed SPAS and SCC Stop&Go for the first time in Korea

  • March 2010
    Anyang Halla Ice Hockey Club

    Anyang Halla won the championship of 2009~2010 Asia League

  • May 2010
    Mando Corporation

    Relisted on the stock exchange

  • June 2010
    Mando-Hella Electronics Corp.

    Started construction of Songdo plant

  • April 2011
    Founded Mando Brose
  • July 2011
    Took over Mando Advanced Materials
  • July 2011
    Halla Group

    Held 5th memorial ceremony for Honorary Chairman
    Woon Gok Chung In-Young
    (Photo exhibition and collection)

  • September 2011
    Halla Engineering & Construction

    Appointed as one of 50 Promising Asian Companies by Forbes

  • August 2012

    Launched world-wide chainless Eurobike brand (mandofootloose)

  • September 2012
    Halla Group

    Honorary Chairman Chung In-Young awarded the grand prize of 18th Business Start-up Competition
    (The Study of Korean Business History)

  • September 2012
    Mando Corporation

    Held opening ceremony of Global R&D Institute

  • September 2012
    Halla Group

    Held the 50th Anniversary of Foundation

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