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The human resource is the future of an enterprise.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the HL HRD Center.
HL is driving globalization under the banner of
Going Global” based on the growth of the last 55 years.

Strong competitiveness is essential to make a corporation to be recognized by people all over the world, outrival global top companies and survive drastically changing business environments. The source of this competitiveness comes from people.

The HL HRD Center will look ahead 100 years into the future when cultivating talent. Dynamic talents filled with frontier spirit, confidence, energy and youthful minds will be developed to lead the new culture of HL.

Your attention and participation is greatly appreciated for the HL HRD Center to grow towards a “beloved global corporation of solidity and excellence”.

Thank You!

Mong-Won Chung, president of HL HRD Center

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Introduction to the HRD Center

The cradle of global HL, awakening the heart of HL members

Where the future of the HL Group awakens, and where the heart of HL starts to beat

The HL HRD Center is where ‘the future of the HL Group awakens to establish a foundation of growth and create a better future. High quality facilities such as lecture rooms and English lounges ignite the passion for learning.

The concept of “Healing” was considered as well. The forest path connected to the rooftop garden and the many spaces inside the building will allow employees to rest and re-energize themselves.


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Mission & Vision

The HL HRD Center will spread the vision and core values of the Group, develop leaders and global talent and allow affiliates to share Best Practices.

Mission & Vision

Organizations of the HRD Center


Major Activities of the Group HRD Center

Major Activities of the Group HRD Center
Spread of the Value Spreading educational activities for internalization of core value
									·Spreading vision and core value of the Group
									·T&E of newcomers and the promoted of the Group
									·Advanced T&E by rank (Clerk ~ Deputy SM)
Leader Development Development of true leaders and global men of talent
									·Strengthening competency in leadership for directors & team leaders
									- Leadership Pipe line Development, Developing HRs
									·global leaders and local experts
									- Fostering FSE & local expert
Place for communication

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오시는 길

  • Automobile (Southbound lane)
  • Automobile (Northbound lane)
  • Public Transportation

Departure: Giheung IC

  1.  Move 31m along Gyeongbu Expressway
  2.  Giheung TG
  3.  Move 57m along the Gyeongbu Expressway
  4.  Turn left at Giheung IC toward Giheung Complex
  5.  Move 409m along Giheung Complex Road

Arrival: HL Human Resources Development Institute

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